Monie DeWit

Photographer, Mom, Dyslexic Advocate

Photographer Monie DeWit, in her own words:

“I love photography. I especially love photographing people. I am excited about this project because it gives voice to dyslexics in their own words along with their portrait.  Our series of images celebrates neurodiversity and encourages meaningful advocacy and activism in our communities.

Monie DeWit, photographer, mom, dyslexic advocate.

As a dyslexic myself, I know firsthand the many issues that affect individuals with dyslexia—from reading struggles to the emotional challenges. This project allows us to really connect and tell stories that must be told.

I have been very lucky to pursue my professional career in a creative field, which allows me to use my dyslexic strengths. As a mother of a dyslexic son, I know how important it is for parents to step up and advocate for their children, so that they are able to obtain the education they deserve.

I firmly believe, as Dr. Sally Shaywitz says, that rather than a knowledge gap, in dyslexia there is an action gap. We must take action to implement the deep knowledge we have of dyslexia and ensure that this knowledge is translated into policy and practice.

With this project, “1 in 5: The Face of Dyslexia,” we hope to add to the important dialogue about dyslexia and help the general public understand the issues, as well as why we must change our policies and practices for more equitable access to education—and fulfilling lives.”