Books We Love: Doctor Dyslexia Dude! by Dr. Shawn Robinson

Review by Cheri Rae

A great new book to inspire and inform children about dyslexia–and achieving their dreams.

The impressive Dr. Shawn Robinson, a dyslexic who has earned his Ph.D., has created a publication that is sure to inspire and inform a wide audience in a colorful and entertaining way. The highly illustrated, oversized volume that’s a hybrid between a book, a comic book and a graphic novel is the true story of how Robinson struggled in school due to his dyslexia–and the all-too-common behavior issues that can accompany it when it’s unidentified and unremediated.

As the old saying goes, just one caring adult can make all the difference in the life of a struggling child. Robinson was lucky to find a mentor, Dr. Robert T. Nash, who recognized his potential and helped him turn his life around, as a scholar, a gentleman and most importantly a father of two sones of his own.

It’s clear that this is the first installment of more to come, and we anticipate the sequels that will tell more of Robinson’s story.